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    We’re ready to ship! The upcoming release A Room Full Of Strangers is out now. We are happy to ship all cd’s and lp’s (cd included) to you! The beautiful gatefold lp will be delivered November 7th and can also be ordered using the links down below:

    CD – 14,99 – OUT NOW: HERE
    LP* (incl cd) – 24,99 – delivery date 7 november: HERE

    * limited edition: LP + cd + red vinyl + numbered

    1. Blue Sunrise
    2. Don’t Walk Out On Me
    3. Broke Brothers (feat. Jeroen Roy)
    4. Keep It Simple (feat. Lea Kliphuis)
    5. To Live Is To Fly
    6. We’re Still Here
    7. All Of My Dreams
    8. Right Or Ride Along
    9. Are You Ready
    10. Kind Of Blue (feat. Michael Prins)
    11. Riddle Of The Sands (feat. Tangerine)
    12. The Big Chief

  • JW signs publishing deal with Downtown Music Publishing

    On July 13th JW signed an international publishing deal with Down Music Publishing. Downtown now can work with a part of JW’s catalogue. JW also signed a songwriter agreement with Downtown. They started immediately so JW will depart to Nashville within a week to do some writing sessions over there.

  • Spotify playlist Best Of Dutch Americana

    Today we released a new Spotify playlist: Best of Dutch Americana. Here we try to collect the finest music written and performed by artists from The Netherlands only. We will try to update this list regularly, so if you have a tip, great proposals etc, you know where to find us!

    Listen here and follow if you’d like to be up to date: Best Of Dutch Americana

    For now we’d love to present: The Common Linnets, Lea Kliphuis, Tangarine, The Dawn Brothers, Danny Vera, JW Roy, Mercy John,  Tim Vantol, Douwe Bob, DeWolff, Stevie Ann, Maurice van Hoek, Hans Hannemann, The Cosmic Carnival, Mitch Rivers, Jelka van Houten, Martinus , Edo Donkers, The Yearlings, Simon Keats, Assorted Travellers, Jack Hustinx, Waylon en Ricky Koole.

  • Another day in the studio

    While temperatures exceed the 30 degrees Celsius barrier in Vessel (The Netherlands), JW Roy and The Royal Family started the second part of the A Room Full Of Strangers recording sessions. In the beautiful Beerze Brewery they’ve taken over the old brewery house to nail down a couple of songs this week. We’ll keep you posted!

  • Keep It Simple live at Radio 2

    Last Saturday June 10th JW Roy & The Royal Family did play live at Radio 2 in their show ‘Muziekcafe’. JW also played Take It Song and both songs were broadcasted on national radio around 2pm. Luckily some cameras recorded their performance. You can take a look over here.

  • Last tour dates JW Roy

    In June 2017 JW Roy & The Royal Family play their last clubshows in The Netherlands. During summer time you might catch them at some festivals but most of the time JW will be recording his new album which is about to be released by the end of the year.

    June 2nd // Patronaat – Haarlem (NL)
    Tickets/info: http://bit.ly/2mhQtqB

    June 3rd // Festival De Jûn fan Peije – Drachten (NL)
    Tickets/info: http://bit.ly/2lYkISZ

    June 8th // Paard Van Troje – Den Haag (NL)
    Tickets/info: http://bit.ly/2mXljGl

    June 30th // Het Burgerweeshuis – Deventer (NL)
    Tickets/info: http://bit.ly/2mAtg3d

  • Royal Family Records webshop is open

    The Royal Family Records webshop is open. Every now and then we will add new items. For now take a look at this mighty cap. JW looks like he was born wearing a cap.

    Go to the shop.

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  • New single JW Roy & The Royal Family

    Today, the Dutch americana singer JW Roy released his new single Keep It Simple (feat. Lea Kliphuis). Keep It Simple is the first track of the forthcoming album that will be released next November. 

    JW Roy did write the song with the Dutch singer Lea Kliphuis. About Keep It Simple he says: “Twenty years ago I released my first record. Ever since I roam the roads and cities of the world, playing every venue and try to write with a lot of friends. All of a sudden you realize you feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to do so. And things now are stille the same as years ago. In life and in music.”
    Keep It Simple has been recorded at the Beerze Brewery in The Netherlands. Here JW Roy and his band The Royal Family have build a semi permanent studio where they can work on new songs every moment of the day. In the video, directed and filmed by Martijn Kuijten, you’ll witness the recording sessions of Keep It Simple.

    New album at Royal Family Records
    Keep It Simple is the first track of the forthcoming album A Room Full Of Strangers which will be released by the end of November 2017. Exactly 20 years before JW Roy’s debut album ‘Round Here was released.
    Keep It Simple will be released at Royal Family Records, JW’s own record label.

    Keep It Simple is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services and for sale at iTunes and Google Play.