New Malford Milligan album will be released by Royal Family Records

Malford Milligan and Jack Hustinx are officially announcing a new album the two have been collaborating on for the last year. Both Malford and Jack have been writing music behind the scenes for a new Malford Milligan album that will be produced by Jack Hustinx.

Recordings will take place this summer in The Netherlands, a deliberate choice made by Milligan because he wants to record with the same all-star line-up of Dutch musicians that formed the band with whom they toured the European lowlands in late 2015. Release of the album is slated for late October 2018 on the hot & new Dutch label Royal Family Records, and will coincide with a tour in The Netherlands scheduled sometime in February 2019. Spring of 2019 will have both Milligan and Hustinx back in the states for shows in Austin and other cities in Texas.
During the last 18 months Milligan and Hustinx have been writing a great deal of new material that will be the backbone of the new album, including a few songs written by a dear friend to both, the late Stephen Bruton. The sound is soulful, rootsy, groovy, stripped-down, intense, organic and intimite.

Milligan and Hustinx have been good friends for more than two decades. They last collaborated on 4 tracks for Hustinx’ successful previously released solo-album “Over Yonder” that was followed by a tour back in November of 2015 in The Netherlands, Hustinx’ native land. There hasn’t been an album with the two as a team since 2002 when Milligan’s critically acclaimed album “Sweet Cherry Soul” was released and produced by Hustinx as well.

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